Come One, Come All

Mommy duty calling!

First project: Sab's 1st Birthday Party on October 10, 2010.

I found a venue in Ortigas, and will be paying the down payment tomorrow. Of course, there'd be no refund, so I had to ask Pierre for the nth time if he's alright with the venue because I already am. He said yes and so we're good to go.

My dream, really, is to have a simple party in a garden with closest family and friends as guests. But we're not endowed with a mansion with a beautiful garden so I'm crossing that out. Do you have? Let me know before tomorrow! :D

We already have a venue and I've had this theme in my head for a very long time now. Inspired by Temperley London's Spring 2010 RTW, I was magnetized by the greatest show on earth! The Circus!

15 years from now, Sab will be looking at her first birthday party photos and she'd be thanking me forever for what a grand birthday her Mommy and Daddy gave her. *wink*

I'm still exchanging emails with this kiddie party organizer to help me out achieve this look.

The Entrance

The chairs and tables, I hope!

The ceiling decor, j'adore!

Yes, I'm daydreaming. Truly though, I wish I could pull off the best 1st birthday party for my Sabby. If you have any ideas, holla! :D


Nayantara Sam said...

Great pics! And I love the ceiling too! So vibrant! Please follow me :D