When Love is Everything There is...

From where I'm from, the heat is overwhelmingly ridiculous. I wake up at around 6:30 am, take a shower and by 7 am, I'm already sweating like Pacquiao on training (at least every drop of his sweat costs him millions, while mine just makes me sticky)! By the time I get out of the house, I've consumed too much energy, I'm all grumpy until I get on the train- which is another story.

It's a routine I have to take because while I have many options to meander from this ride, I'm choosing to drive the same route. In times like this and with responsibilities on my back, it's difficult to take any risks. I'm accountable now. I'm adjusting, gradually, while trying to enjoy everything I have- those that can talk back to me and those who can only make me look cool, for an instant then, gone.

I'm a lover of life, and so I choose to live and love. I can live on cliches forever. I love not because I want to be loved, but because sometimes, it's the only thing I've got. Even if life doesn't love me back, I can only keep on loving. That's what angels do; they redirect the lost souls of the world. Love is annoyingly there, even when our minds try to brainwash the heart.

And the love never fades. For five years, it has validated the story of my two friends, Gelo and Grace. Their story are worth my tears, my time, and my adoration. Gelo and Grace finally tied the knot last Saturday, May 22. It was simple, intimate, and solemn- all weddings should be like that sans the inappropriate and expensive gimmicks. The couple changed my mind about weddings; now I'm daydreaming about my 50 wedding guests (just how can I do that in the Philippines?). Love mends the doubtful and heals the sorrow.

And so while the heat makes me think too much, from where I stand, it makes me see brightly that it overwhelms my own being. I see too much; I hear the voice inside me loud and clear. The heat tells me I'm in pain; but love saves me... and all is well again.

Thanks Xta for the dress