Welcome Me Back!

Back to blogging again.

Been too busy with mommyhood since November, hence the last written blog. But now, I've decided to get back in the hood - I just don't know how long this mindset would last but I'm giving myself a try.

My hands are getting numb because of the air conditioning. Yikes. The weather here in the Philippines has been extremely hot! One step away from the fan drives me nuts. I don't how some people get by- namely the construction workers, the vendors, etc. Good Lord, I've heard many cases of individuals dying of heatstroke. God bless this nation.

On a good note, it's a Friday night- pay day night! Happy happy joy joy! In a while, I will be heading off to my office mate's Spa Bridal Shower. I'm one of the organizers so, I'm hoping things turn out, well... organized. I'm getting my first-ever full body massage so that's exciting.

Hands are really numb!

Here's some photos of my daughter, Sab and my grandpa Benny. Much love! :D