Words of Mishap A.K.A. "Ano daw!"

Inspired and instigated by Pierre Salas (with verbal copyright) :D

One hobby of me and my boyfriend is to piss each other off with insulting words. He calls me "agnap" (read backwards as "panga" meaning "jaw") because of my "modelesque" jawline. I call him "tonap" (read backwards as "panot" meaning "bald spot") because it runs in his genes that they get bald spot even at 29. The list of insults goes on. He calls me "bansot" (short), "bonsai", "unano" (dwarf). Yikes! Am I really talking about my boyfriend, possibly my future husband? I must be in for a total wreck for the rest of my life, if that's the case. But anyway, I fire right back at him with names like "baboy" (pig) and "buddha".

And just to piss him more, and possibly to make him laugh a little bit more with his usual autistic antics, I am quoting every single funny english he says out loud. Of course, I'm writing this with his consent. :D

Here goes for 22 June:

1. Referring to my spending and enjoying more time apart from him.
"You should do that more constant!" --- Constant, really?
2. Referring to my itchy belly.
"Deal with that itchyness!" --- Haha! Itchyness coming from a 5 foot 11 dude.

I'm pretty sure he's had funnier quotes in the past. I can't remember them anymore. But I'm positive that we both laughed hard about them. It's the way he says them that make them sound silly. :D

Yikes, I'll probably be in for a deep hole with this guy. :)