Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Great Day!

I just know.
For exciting reasons that P and I will go through tomorrow, Wednesday. We are both excited for what's it going to be. Although on the downside, the Adidas and Nike clearance sale is making P sad for some reasons. I'm still hoping we get something for ourselves. Happy P means Happy C. :D

I'm finally finished with my three premiere versions of The Big Bang Theory. Finally. Finally!!! I've been working on it, not stressing about it since last week, and now I'm done with the three. I still need one, though. But then again, one is always better than three, especially if it means the number of things to be done.

Rainy Tuesday.
After several days, including a very hot weekend, it rained this afternoon. Goodbye, greasy feeling!

I'm meeting Sidetrip magazine's editor (the travel magazine for all you fellas) tonight at 8pm. I'm giving her the items my friend, Noe and I got from our Manila vintage shopping spree. I'm very anxious to return the things we got because I loved the gold angel locket. It reminds me of who's to come in my life. But looks like I have to anyway. I wish I could keep the checkered shirt. *praying to the God of Shopping

Anyway, I haven't written about Michael Jackson's death. Gone too soon, for sure. I remember my family watching his concert here in Manila when I was in grade school. Of course, I missed it because I was too young then. At least my mom, aunts and uncle, and grandpa got to watch him perform. And Ella, my cousin, I remember her being a fan when she was little.

Rest in Peace, Michael.

Last but not the least, HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN, MAAN!!! I love you! :D

Alright, this is it. I'm out. Have a great night. :D