You're the Star that shines brightly in the sky

I was speechless.

That was the word to describe myself when I came face to face with Lea Salonga at one event I freelanced for. Sure my Aunt/Godmother Nena would be jealous to see us together, but she'd definitely laugh at how I froze when I had my picture taken with Lea. I was that kid at a party who's too shy to ask for my lootbags. What an idiot! So much more for good impression. It didn't help either that I only had three hours of sleep in the last two days of that event. I was there looking sloppy, while Lea was effortlessly looking world-class.

Nonetheless, she took my breath away with her talent. And even when I was lacking sleep on that December night, my heart was singing with love and awe for that one special night that I got my one dream come to life.