Week-full No More.

Finished. Busy week is over. Saturday is coming. Got more things to do. I wish the weather would cooperate tomorrow as I have to do some raket. ALTHOUGH just now, I'm hearing the weather news and it says the weekend is looking pretty bad. Should I cancel my Saturday job? Oh my. Ewan. No reported typhoon though but it feels like a real one.

Anyway, my birthday week is coming. Hmmm... Will the lack of money on my birthday week make me happy? Shit. I doubt it. Not when everyone's going to ask where I'll treat them. How about we turn the table around, and you treat me instead? Just a thought. Ok. Happy weekend! Take care, folks!:D


echoserongfrog said...

wala ako sa birthday week mo ano ba yan!

amisyu dude!

claudette said...

Aba, asan ka? Singapore ulet?

I miss you too!