No gatecrashing needed. Even though our invites said it was for the 5:30pm show. We got there at 7pm; fashionably, alright, but it got my palms sweating for a minute. Good thing, no drama was necessary. We got inside smoothly for the 9:30pm show. Loved the shows of Bang Pineda, Estien Quijano and Jerome Lorico. :D

I wish I could show some photos right now, but Krista hasn't posted our gorgeous snaps yet. Xta, Xta? Hahaha!

Celebrity sightings: Teresa Herrera, Gloria Diaz, Ma
rc Nelson, Joey Mead, Bebe Gandanghari, Karylle, and my towering and lovely super love, Sarah Meier. Geez! Starstruck again! I feel so light when I see Sarah. Lucky Aboy for shooting her for ETC. Now who cares about Ornusa?

Sooo glad to see Krista again. Mua! :D

Let the wicked weekend begin!