Anytime, anywhere.
This is one blog I adoooore. Hmmm... I think I love this site more than I love the magazine. Haha! Nah, maybe I should get more Nylon back issues so I could ultimately change my mind. The site includes music, arts, and of course fashion updates everyday. Plus their titles are cute (Jesus, cute?! Is that the only word you could think of?!). They also have a blog that talks about all sorts of things- TV, links to other interesting sites, music (again, always a plus), sample sale (even all I can say is "sigh"), gossip (but in the least scandalous way, amen!) and Ninja Turtles?! Whew! That was loaded. Click it baby!


babbler said...

Your blog is so adorable! So are you! I think you have a very refreshing outlook on life, thanks for the fun visit. Love, from Mrs. Slug

claudette said...

Oh, thank you!