Lazy Monday for C.

I'm getting ahead of time. It's 10 on a Sunday night and already, I have to prepare for Monday. Ironed clothes. Check. Sunblock and hamper for P. Will check later. Red flats. Will check again later. Procrastination. Never fails, checked!

My mind is swarmed with endless possibilities for the week. Will I be able to work my way to Solar Makati and get myself and a couple of friends free passes to this week's Philippine Fashion Week at SM Mall of Asia? That's a challenge right there. In case I do, what will I wear and should I bring my clothes tomorrow, Monday, when I go up North? If I do bring clothes, I would be carrying more than one bag again and P will say, "Ano na naman 'yang dala mo?" If I don't bring clothes and some mighty miracle happens that I'll have free passes, I would have to come back here (South, represent) to get something to wear. That's another challenge, huge challenge, right there. But then comes the words I live by, "Pag gusto, gusto." BUT! If I don't get any passes, all my worries, GONE. Another BUT! I would really love to watch Fashion Week. I haven't watched fashion shows in ages. So please! God of Fashion, hear me? :D

I'm realizing that Monday is looking to be a promising day because of the non work-related things I have to accomplish. That's a good start, right there.

On a sad sad note, my lola Margo (my lolo Benny's older sister) died of Cancer last Friday. She was 92. I'm not close to her as we rarely see her but she is family so she will be a big loss. May she rest in peace with our Lord.

Ehem. Let's end the night smiling. I am reuniting with Death Cab for Cutie, listening to their Transatlanticism album.

"Pa-pa, this is the sound of settling, pa-pa-pa-pa."