For the Love of the Game.

Ok, this is a promotional slash self-encouragement entry.

I work at Jack TV (the number one comedy channel in the Philippines, alright!) as a writer/producer. The job description, as it appears to many, sounds as if I have the dough. My OB thinks so, my lolo's friend and my relatives. Who else? Almost everybody, I guess. I WISH! I do the dirty job- the kind that doesn't really put my name on the top list of eligible bankable, real-catch, sugah mama. So don’t kiss my ass.

This is what I do. I make the promotional plugs on-air. I conceptualize, I write my own script, I have Zach (our voice over talent) voice it, I borrow the tapes (let's say the digital tapes of The Simpsons and My Name is Earl), I view them, I grab my chosen clips, I offline edit, then pass it to my editor. Add the ingestion part to it. Production terms, sorry.

My job is not entirely glamorous. Now, it makes me wonder why I even used the word glamorous. Our office stands somewhere in a bad-asphalted subdivision in Antipolo City. On most days, I wear flip flops because pumps seem unfit for the work environment. Honestly, it's veerrryyyyy far from my dream office outfit- a mini dress, tailored jacket, opaque tights and a pair of pumps and then another pulled together ensemble for the rest of the week. But I’ve accepted that fact long ago. Maybe my time has not arrived.

All in all, however, everything is just the way as it should be. I’m here because my former employer wasn’t going to put me in any hot financial list. I’m here because I was going to meet P. I’m here because I was going to experience something bigger than myself. I’m here because I chose to be here.

So despite the lack of salary increase and the miles-away distance from where I currently live, plus the shameful fact that I don’t get free tickets to Pacquaio fights or movie and concert tickets, I’ve learned to love my job. It gets me places with the money I earn. And working on Jack TV is like working on a blog- you never run out of ideas, you want to do many things because you know you can, you start it and finish it, and then you end up accomplished and contented, even though it’s just as simple as a blog.


j. said...

oist! jack tv girls rule! who else can make a man's channel look so fun? ?? girls baby! i love jack tv!

claudette said...

Yessss!!! We all love Jack TV! :D